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Coronavirus: More Business "Unusual"

Resource Guide and Presentation Materials

March 27, 2020

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Now that we know the direction Governor DeWine has decided upon, we must respond to issues surrounding employees, business "unusual", business continuity, new federal/state legislation, and more.

Buckley King continues normal operations and our attorneys are here to help you sort out, respond to, comply with, and answer your questions.

How will this Order impact your business operations?

  • Do you operate as an "essential" business under the Order?
  • Business Advisory
  • D&O Authority, Liability and Obligations
  • Contracts, breaches, performance
  • Finance/Lending/Banking
  • Compliance and Risk Management issues

For answers to questions involving these matters, contact Brent Buckley at 216.685.4801.

Employment attendance, compensation, and other HR issues

  • New paid leave Acts, FMLA, sick leave
  • Implementing new policies
  • OSHA and employers' obligations
  • Reduced hours, furloughs, layoffs, and terminations
  • Managing your remote workforce
  • Benefits requirements
  • Risk and compliance issues

For HR guidance, contact Elizabeth ("Liz") Crosby at 216.685.4752 or Matthew Seeley at 216.685.4815.

Protecting and sustaining cash flow and your finance options

  • SBA loan programs
  • Default provisions and other key clauses in loan documents and guarantees
  • Will your creditors defer payment?
  • Sources of funding
  • Debtor/Creditor rights
  • Workouts
  • Banking relationship management

For guidance, contact Brent Buckley at 216.685.4801,  Rosemary Sweeney at 216.685.4748, or Frank Nagorney at 216.685.4784.

Will your insurance cover "this"?

  • Loss of income due to closure of your business?
  • Will your policy respond to data breaches and cyber incidents?
  • Business interruption or extra expense due to supply chain interruption or closure of a customer's business?
  • Costs to sanitize and test your business property?
  • Employee theft, misconduct?

Contact Theodore ("Ted") Dunn, Jr. at 216.685.4734, Brent Buckley at 216.685.4801, Paul Shipp at 216.685.4760, or Dominic Frisina at 216.685.4736.

What are your legal obligations as a landlord/tenant?

  • Contract performance, including force majeure provisions
  • Lease obligations
  • Loan obligations, default provisions
  • Other real estate issues

Contact Rosemary Sweeney at 216.685.4748, Lorysa Winterhalter-Wojnicz at 216.685.4782, or Donet ("Don") Graves at 216.685.4781.

Are you a non-profit?

  • Responding to unique issues during a pandemic
  • Employee downsizing
  • Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement
  • Revenue and funding
  • Grant compliance
  • Governance, D&O liability

Contact Brent Buckley at 216.685.4801, Rosemary Sweeney at 216.685.4748, or Woods King III at 216.685.4740.